My love for making radio and podcasts was really incubated when I worked as one of CBC’s 2011 Peter Gzowski Interns. Since then, I’ve reported and produced for CJSR radio programs like Terra Informa and All That Matters. My main audio project at the moment is Let’s Find Out, a history podcast I created as part of my role as Edmonton’s Historian Laureate.

Science & Environment

The Snow Goose Case
Let’s Find Out
August 28, 2016

The first episode of Let’s Find Out, where we take your questions about Edmonton’s history and find out the answer together. This episode: the Snow Goose Case. How did the Snow Goose Festival become the Snow Goose Chase?

The answer reveals something fascinating about us, what we can get used to, and how quickly normal can change.

Who has the power in Ontario’s green energy industry?
Terra Informa
July 7, 2013

If you asked most Canadians if they wanted more renewable power in their province, they’d likely say yes. And if you asked them whether they’d like to get some local jobs out of the deal, that’s even better. Unfortunately, Canadians aren’t the only ones who get a say in matters like these.

I produced this story with Alyssa Hindle for CJSR’s nationally-syndicated environmental news show Terra Informa. This story won an Honourable Mention for News at the 2013/2014 NCRA Awards.

Community Building

Meeting the Boyle Street Van Family
CJSR Homelessness Marathon
February 26, 2014

My story for the CJSR Homelessness Marathon was quite a challenge to put together. I can’t remember ever before spending a whole afternoon recording hours of tape, then whittling it down to a 20-minute mini-doc for radio. In this case, we had many months of time to prepare for the national marathon of community radio programming about homelessness in Canada. I used some of that time to get to know the people on the Boyle Street Community Services winter outreach van, which roams all over the city offering people a chance to warm up, get some hot food and supplies, and share the company of people who care about them. I discovered that it isn’t just people on the streets who benefit from this van’s work, though. Together with the staff, they make a caring family that feels it deeply when one of their own is lost.

How to Put a City Back Together
Terra Informa
July 28, 2013

I was in Calgary after the 2013 floods, and was thinking about the Sunnyside neighbourhood, where my mom used to live. It experienced some of the worst flooding during the disaster in June, and most people had only hours to evacuate their homes. I stopped at one home with a tiny library on their front lawn, and met Sunnyside resident Tamara Lee. On top of maintaining the Pooh Corner Little Free Library, she’s a bit of a community hub. But she had no idea how quickly and how high the river would rise in her area, or how strongly the city would rally together in the days to come.

Arts & Culture

Boot Camp Poets
All That Matters
July 16, 2015

How do folks end up behind bars at the Edmonton Remand Centre – and how could rap or poetry help them find a different life?

Sara Khembo Alfazema, Joe Hartfeil and I investigated on this documentary for CJSR’s arts and culture program All That Matters.

This documentary won the 2015/2016 NCRA Award for Special Programming.

In Part 1, we hear from inmates Robert Deschamps, Donnie Kleppe, Dillon McKenzie and Chris Pruden:

In Part 2, the John Howard Society’s Howie Hoggins speaks to us about what’s ahead for men in the Boot Camp unit transitioning out of prison. Métis writer and researcher Patti Laboucane-Benson tell us what her graphic novel The Outside Circle has to say about why so many Aboriginal people end up behind bars. And we hear more poetry from Boot Camp unit inmates Joshua Charles Thom, Michael Nelson, and Nathan Laboucan:


Why We All Love Deng Lijun
All That Matters
April 1, 2015

All That Matters was a weekly arts and culture show on CJSR. The premise: each week we take small bites out of big questions. On this episode, we asked what makes a diva.

This is one of my favourite stories, probably because it’s one of my most personal. I decided to investigate the enduring and tragic fame of Taiwanese pop star Deng Lijun (aka Teresa Teng). Why does her music mean so much to people in the Chinese diaspora all over the world?




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