ccyp - trevor chow-fraserI’m a storyteller and a people weaver. I currently serve as News Coordinator at CJSR 88.5 FM and as Edmonton’s Historian Laureate.

Born and raised in Edmonton, my education has taken me to many corners of the world and back home to tell stories through radio and writing. I spent most of my university career at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. Trent suited my need to get outside and get my boots dirty throughout a joint degree in International Development and Environment & Resource Studies. Along the way, I studied Mandarin at Sichuan University in western China, and studied and worked in Ghana through Trent’s International Development Studies partnership with the University of Ghana.

Since 2014, I’ve worked as News Coordinator for CJSR, Edmonton’s campus and community radio station. I make sure the shows in our news department meet our broadcasting standards and get on air each week. I train news volunteers in skills like field recording, production, interviewing, and ethics. My role also includes a lot of campus and community outreach, so you’ll sometimes find me speaking at events like Jasper Place High School’s Reskilling Fair, or supervising Community Service Learning students wanting to expand their experience at the University of Alberta.

From 2011-2014, I helped produce a nationally-syndicated environmental news show called Terra Informa on CJSR. I still contribute there from time to time, and created CJSR’s arts and culture show All That Matters.

I’ve had my hand in print and online media, as well in radio production and podcasting. My freelance writing for Edmonton’s Vue Weekly has covered stories like the health effects of Alberta’s droughts, the Quarters redevelopment plan downtown, and gay life in China. As a reporter and associate editor at Trent’s Arthur newspaper, I got to dig into the economics of recycling in Peterborough, the lack of prayer space on campus, and the university’s recurring budget crisis. I worked for CBC Radio in Toronto as a 2011 Peter Gzowski intern, where I was privileged to produce for shows like Metro Morning, Big City Small World, and As It Happens.

Social justice and ecology are my strongest passions. I believe in learning through experience, whether that’s through helping plan events like Trent’s Community Movements Conference or going out in a canoe to try harvesting wild rice. I’m also interested in theatre, visual art, literature, poetry, climate change and queer issues, and how communities develop through reciprocity.

In 2012, I founded Shareable Neighbourhood, a grassroots community group that organized tours and workshops about the culture, ecology, and history of Edmonton’s Mill Creek & Old Strathcona neighbourhoods. Our work culminated in the Old Strathcona Greening Project in 2015. In partnership with the City of Edmonton and Rotary Club of Edmonton Whyte Avenue, we got rain barrels and composters into the hands of residents, got them to show off their newly-acquired knowledge of how to use them on public tours, and built a living wall at the Roots on Whyte Community Building.

In 2012 I was named one of Alberta’s Top 30 Under 30 by the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation, where I later worked as Communications Officer. I’m part of a leadership network called Next Up. From 2012-2013, I served as a board member for a brand new theatre company called Punctuate!.

This site is called boots on the ground because that’s where I like to be, right in the thick of things. It’s also a reminder to myself to stay grounded in the dirt that gave birth to us, and that we hopefully nurture along the way. It’ll be a collection of my thoughts, many of which are certain to change over time.

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