I’m a storyteller and a people weaver. I am the host of a podcast called Let’s Find Out, helping Edmontonians answer questions about local history. I also work as Podcasting Coordinator and Grant Writer/Fund Developer at CJSR, Edmonton’s campus and community radio station.

Born and raised in Edmonton, I love telling stories about this place through podcasts, radio, writing, public speaking, and illustration.

I have a joint degree in International Development and Environment & Resource Studies from Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. I also studied Mandarin at Sichuan University, and studied and worked through Trent’s International Development Studies partnership with the University of Ghana.

I served as Edmonton’s Historian Laureate from 2016-2018. During my term, I created the podcast Let’s Find Out to encourage Edmontonians to learn more about local history and how to do solid research. The podcast and my public speaking duties focused on queer history, cultural communities often left out of our city’s narrative, and how humans and nature shape each other.

From 2014-2018, I worked as News Coordinator for CJSR. I trained news volunteers in skills like field recording, production, interviewing, and ethics. From 2011-2014, I helped produce a nationally-syndicated environmental news show called Terra Informa at CJSR. I also created CJSR’s arts and culture show All That Matters.

In print and online media, I’ve written about how Canadian nuclear physicist Harriet Brooks changed the world (CBC), Vivek Shraya’s groundbreaking documentary What I LOVE About Being Queer (The Wanderer), and the health effects of Alberta’s droughts (Vue Weekly). In 2011 I worked for CBC Radio in Toronto as a Peter Gzowski intern.

In 2012, I founded Shareable Neighbourhood, a grassroots community group that organized tours and workshops about the culture, ecology, and history of Edmonton’s Old Strathcona neighbourhood. Our work culminated in the Old Strathcona Greening Project in 2015.

Awards and Things

  • 2020 – Lets Find Out was a finalist for Public Education & Outreach from the Emerald Awards
  • 2020 – Young Leader Award from Trent University
  • 2019 – Let’s Find Out was a finalist for Best Documentary from the Canadian Podcast Awards
  • 2018 – Let’s Find Out received a silver medal for Best Consumer Podcast from the Canadian Online Publishing Awards
  • 2016 – Special Programming Award from the National Campus and Community Radio Association
  • 2014 – Honourable Mention in News from the National Campus and Community Radio Association
  • 2012 – News Award from the National Campus and Community Radio Association
  • 2012 – Alberta’s Top 30 Under 30

Contact me for public speaking engagements, interviews, or freelancing at

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