Blogs/You should be reading

A pragmatic, bleeding heart – Gender & queer stuff, knitting, and generally TMI from my brilliant friend Claire Ryan
Kate Adach
 – A sharp mind doing her Master of Journalism at UBC
The Fab Files – Thoughts from CBC’s great new asset, Fabiola Carletti
Daveberta – Dave Cournoyer is one of my go-to sources for political news in Alberta
Brain Album – Edmonton media guru Karen Unland’s swell index of everything new media in town.
Food Grows – Meditations on our relationships to food, land and words from Ben Laurie.

Media/Have you tuned in to these before?

Radiolab – The most fun, thought-provoking radio show out there
中外对话/China Dialogue – Environmental news in English and Mandarin you won’t find anywhere else
Arthur –  Trent University’s student and community newspaper. Some important critical angles on the view from Peterborough.

Organizations/Work being done out there

Community Movements Conference – My baby for a while, Trent’s student-run international development conference
U of A Global Education Program – My most recent home, where I ran communications and helped organize International Week. I also helped design their new website!

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