All That Matters: Boot Camp Poets

Chris sits on a landscaping strip outside the Edmonton Remand Centre
The Edmonton Remand Centre. [Photo: Sara Khembo Alfazema]
How do folks end up behind bars at the Edmonton Remand Centre – and how could rap or poetry help them find a different life?

Sara Khembo Alfazema, Joe Hartfeil and I investigated on this documentary for CJSR’s arts and culture program All That Matters.

This documentary won the 2015/2016 NCRA Award for Special Programming.

In Part 1, we hear from inmates Robert Deschamps, Donnie Kleppe, Dillon McKenzie and Chris Pruden:

In Part 2, the John Howard Society’s Howie Hoggins speaks to us about what’s ahead for men in the Boot Camp unit transitioning out of prison. Métis writer and researcher Patti Laboucane-Benson tell us what her graphic novel The Outside Circle has to say about why so many Aboriginal people end up behind bars. And we hear more poetry from Boot Camp unit inmates Joshua Charles Thom, Michael Nelson, and Nathan Laboucan.:

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