Figure 一,二,三,六,八: Edmonton Chinatown Stories

A closeup on Figure 1, by Cui Jinzhe
A closeup on Figure 1, by Cui Jinzhe

A series of 17 radio stories featuring short stories and remembrances of Edmonton’s Chinatown. This series was produced at CJSR as part of a Community Service Learning project at the University of Alberta. It is part of a multimedia project capturing the history of Edmonton’s Chinatown, called Figure 一,二,三,六,八. The project also included archival research done by students under the supervision of Lan Chan-Marples, a video documentary by Shawn Tse, and a series of paintings by Cui Jinzhe.

I trained and supervised the three Community Service Learning students who recorded and edited these stories, and helped with the creative direction of the overall Figure 一,二,三,六,八 project.

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