Let’s Find Out: How We Make Nature

A summer and winter morph of a white-tailed prairie hare, like a yin and yang
Artwork for the episode by Amanda Schutz, inspired by a previous episode of Let’s Find Out

In 2019, we made a whole season of Let’s Find Out focused on how humans and nature have shaped each other in Edmonton. We kicked things off with a live show to brainstorm question ideas, and now we’re exploring the history of dams, bears, climate change, and more.

In this wrap-up episode at the end of the season, we presented three short talks to help shake up listeners’ ideas about what’s natural and what’s not. Luke Wonneck, Emily Riddle, and Stephen Raitz shared three different lenses on how we build nature where we live: both the idea of nature, and the physical manifestation of those ideas. And then we let the audience build and play to see how we can make more space for the rest of nature in our city.

This episode was recorded live at The Almanac on Whyte. This event was also a fundraiser for The Resilience Institute (formerly known as The Rockies Institute). Audience members helped us raise $600 towards their work, plus another $100 from sales of Amanda Schutz’s gorgeous illustration of a white-tailed prairie hare.

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