Thanks, ACGC

I just wanted to give a little shout-out to the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation for some recognition they’ve given me. I know a lot of the folks there through volunteering and now working on International Week, and admire the hard work they do getting young people engaged in development issues through programs like the Youth Day program they helped put together for International Development Week.

ACGC's Top 30 Under 30 MagazineAll this is to bury the lead, which is that I’m humbled to be recognized in ACGC’s Top 30 Under 30 magazine this month. There are some really interesting people in it from all around Alberta and a few places in the global South, like Calgary’s Caitlin Williscroft. I hadn’t heard of any of the other people in there before. I recommend checking out the work they’re doing. There’s a wee typo on my name; I promise it’s me in there, though.

3 thoughts on “Thanks, ACGC

  1. So so so sorry about the typo. Bad on us – but we’re super thankful for the ‘yous’ of Alberta!

  2. The future I have marked out for you (despite being birthed after you) is all falling into place. Excellent Chris, excellent. I couldn’t be more smug to know you.

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