The Next Step

I’m gratified to see the conversation has continued over how to keep traffic safe on Whyte Ave, and that my post here about Isaak Kornelsen helped spark conversation on Loop Frame Love and Green Edmonton. Among others, the writers on these two blogs have taken the observation of the poor cycling infrastructure on Whyte Ave and run with it (or pedaled with it, I suppose).

Conrad Nobert
Activist and educator Conrad Nobert is helping plan what comes next for cyclists on Whyte Ave.

It’s frustrating that it takes a tragedy to get serious discussion going about such basic safety issues in Edmonton right now. But I am pleased to see that Green Edmonton’s Conrad Nobert is taking the next step and organizing a town hall meeting where we can voice our opinions on what to do about Whyte Ave.

The Edmonton Bicycle Commuters will be there making a presentation on the possibilities before us, as will local city councillor Ben Henderson. I’ll be there covering the meeting for Terra Informa. Hope to see some of your faces in the room dreaming up what we want!

Cyclist Town Hall Meeting
Tuesday, September 25, 2012 – 7:30pm
Queen Alexandra Community Hall, 10425 University Ave (near Calgary Trail and 76th Avenue)

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